Beaches - Access and Highlights

SONOMA COUNTY-SEA RANCH AREA Most are public access requiring day use fees Black Point Beach (mile marker 50.85): Trail .3 miles Pebble Beach (52.29): Trail .3 miles The Hot Spot (Sea Ranch Guests Only): This tucked away haven is located right on the south fork of the Gualala River and boasts a wide rocky beach, picnic areas, ample parking and portable restrooms. A pretty place surrounded by trees and much calmer than the ocean beaches, the wind doesn't blow as hard, but the sun is just as present - and so is the wildlife! Take Annapolis Rd east to Timber Ridge Rd, turn left, then turn right onto River Beach Rd and continue until you see the signs for The Hot Spot. Take your lunch, a blanket, and enjoy! Closed in winter. CARS WITHOUT SEA RANCH PASS WILL BE TICKETED. Stengel Beach : Just north of the White Barn, the stables, and the Olson Recreation Center. Shell Beach (55.24): Trail .6 miles Walk-On Beach : Just north of mile marker 56.08 Gualala Point Regional Park (58.19): South side of the Gualala River bridge. Visitor's center (west side of the highway) has displays, maps, information counter. Wonderful long, sandy beach that stretches into the Gualala River as well as many trails along the bluffs and meadows above. River and ocean beaches here. Please note: The above beaches are Sonoma County Regional Park beaches and require a small fee. Gates are open from sunup to sundown. The beaches on the Sea Ranch (Walk-On, Shell, Stengel, Pebble, and Black Point) are open to the public, however, wandering off the trails is prohibited. MENDOCINO COUNTY-GUALALA AREA AND NORTH *Most have no restroom facilities* COOK'S BEACH (mile marker 3.14): on County Road 526. A trail and steps to lovely wild beach which changes from sandy to rocky depending on storms and tides. Anchor Bay Beach (4.64): Did you know it's really called Fish Rock Gulch Beach? An excellent walking beach here - access for a small fee. Schooner Gulch and Bowling Beach (11.41): Find the "PARK FACING SOUTH" sign. Parking is on the north side of the concrete bridge. There are two trails here: one down through the gulch, and the other beginning a few feet up the highway, crossing the bluff, and descending onto a section of the beach just south of Bowling Ball Beach (a phenomenon not to be missed)! Mote Creek (12.88): Just north of Bowling Ball Beach with easy access to the same beach - a tide pooler's dream. Point Arena Pier (near 14.85): turn west onto Iverson Avenue at the bottom of the hill in Point Arena. This 100 year old wharf replaced in 1990 now provides public fishing facilities (no fishing license required to fish off the pier). A popular spot for local surfers and some exploring. There is also a lot of parking, and eateries. Manchester State Beach (21.48): Drive a mile or so past the KOA to the parking area and walk across the dunes to the beach. This is the closes point to Hawaii in North America! And the site of AT&T's Hawaii One telephone cable. The five mile stretch of sandy beach is excellent for beachcombing, bird-watching, kite-flying, and surf-fishing. The Garcia River provides salmon and steelhead fishing during the winter.