Common Questions About Your Rental Experience

Q: What Should I Bring?
1. Your home is already supplied with:
Sufficient sheets, towels, pillows and blankets for the usual number of guests
At least starter amounts of dish detergent, laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels, aluminum foil
Some condiments and spices in most homes
Dishes, pots, pans, coffee maker, toaster, and (usually) a blender
Streaming, or satellite TV
Firewood (or pellets) and fire starters
2. You might want to bring along:
Extra towels if you have full occupancy, AND for beach, pool or spa use
Any special spices, and cooking pans or utensils, if you plan to prepare a unique dish
Charcoal for BBQ if applicable (propane is supplied for gas grills)
Small pool toys/equipment like goggles, fins, or kid's floaters (pool access is for Sea Ranch renters only)
Dramamine for the windy road here, and back
3. You should definitely bring along:
Flashlight with fresh batteries (it gets REALLY dark up here)
Road map for surrounding areas, which you have at least reviewed a bit--do not rely solely on your GPS or phone
Jackets or sweatshirts for the cool nights and mornings
Weather-appropriate gear (rain coats, boots, sun visor, etc.), Sunscreen
Sense of adventure and excitement, and openness to something new!
You can leave behind:
Work, worry and pressure, and all pre-conceived's always a bit different here than you thought it would be!
Q: Can I have early arrival or late check out?
A: As long as the schedule allows we can usually accommodate some flexibility on your check-in or check-out times BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY. Please call our office. 707-884-9601.
Q: What if I realize I left something at the rental house after we check out?
A: We will gladly try to recover your lost item and ship it back to you for a $20 handling fee plus the cost of shipping. However, we cannot be responsible for any items left behind.
Q: Can we see whales?
A: The best times to see whales is during their migration south in late fall months, and back again from Baja California toward Alaska, generally during March and April. But we see whales very often, as well as porpoise, orca and more!
Q: Are pets allowed in every home?
A: Pets are allowed in some homes with an additional fee and those are very clearly noted. If you have allergies, please note that we cannot guarantee allergen free homes, though we do our best to make certain that our dog-free homes remain animal free for your comfort. 
Q: Is smoking or vaping allowed?
A: Smoking or vaping is NEVER allowed in ANY of our homes.