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System - Thursday, May 8, 2014

While you are browsing our vacation home offerings and planning your trip, please keep the following thoughts in mind. The comments come from our staff, and on behalf of our home owners.

As you enter your vacation rental, please take a moment to look around. This home is made available courtesy of a Real Person who loves this home, cares about it, and has prepared it to share with you. We invite you to make yourself at home and enjoy your stay. We expect you to keep the home tidy during your time here, guided by common courtesy and thoughtfulness. Our hard-working staff (also Real People) will sanitize and re-set the home for our next guests, usually on a fairly tight time schedule. However they are not expecting to wash dishes, scrub a crazy kitchen mess, stain-treat soiled bed linens (yuck!), collect dirty diapers, etc. So, extra charges will be added for extra work. We've never had to mention these things in the past, but for some reason, there has been an increase in outright inconsiderate behavior in several homes. It's been very disappointing, affects too many people, and it means we have to bring up these concerns with everyone. So, we'll just come right out and say it: If you feel your plans for your getaway might pan out better somewhere else, we understand if a vacation home rental is not the best choice for you this time. Otherwise, we look forward to hosting you in one of our wonderful homes soon.

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