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System - Tuesday, June 1, 2021

What's "B.Y.O.L." ? As we get creative and a little edgy about our own local water supply, we're launching an incentive to our visitors so we all can SAVE! Talk with our reservation staff about cost savings for you when you choose to Bring Your Own Linens.

Our local water supply is all we get until November or December's rains begin to refill the aquifers and wells here. Our residents, businesses, and habitat quite literally depend on having this water available. So we will greatly value your participation in honoring the locals whenever you can reduce water use. 

We estimate that for each bed/bath set of linens you bring and then wash back home, YOU WILL SAVE our river about 35 gallons of water. For a 2 bedroom home rented 4 times each month until the end of November that would account for a savings of almost 1700 gallons. Across our rental inventory that could add up to 42,000 gallons NOT USED! At the average American usage per household, you might be protecting the water supply for 20 local households! What can we say? THANK YOU!