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System - Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A visit to our coast offers peaceful Redwoods, local events, wild life, relaxing, whales, hikes, food, walk on the beach, BBQ, kayaking, tidepools, shopping, art, good eats, friends, bird songs, and family. Summer here often includes windy days, sunny days, maybe a little fog, peaceful mornings and gorgeous sunsets.

Speak with one of our Mendocino coast Ambassadors for ideas on what to see and do during your  visit! Call today 1-800-773-8648!

We suggest starting off with Friday Pizza Night at Stewarts Point Store. Memorable food, historic venue, and great company! Then maybe the Farmers Market followed by a great breakfast and amazing coffee on Saturday at Trink's in Gualala and a stroll around town. The Ranch Cafe in Sea Ranch on Annapolis Road has breakfast and lunch plus specials throughout the season.

And there's always time to sleep in, take a walk, hug your family, enjoy the fresh air, and discover something wonderful.

Call or go online today to reserve your special retreat!
Cooks Beach June 2018 (c)